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Helpful hints for choosing a new dental chair

Helpful hints for choosing a new dental chair

belmontchair-imageThere’s a lot to think about when purchasing a dental chair for your surgery, especially if you consider that the chair will remain one of essential points of your work and of the practice for the next 10+ years (that’s an incredible 150,000+ hours). Therefore, it needs to be nothing short of perfect! So, we thought we’d pull together our top 5 things to consider when making that all-important purchase.


  • Trusted partner – When a piece of equipment is so central to your working day and your ability to do your job, it needs to be reliable. When it comes to purchasing your first – or even fifth – dental chair, be sure to do lots of research. Make sure that the product and company you choose have a proven track record in quality and reliability and check that your product has a valuable warranty period – around five years is considered good. Also, make sure that they have a UK-based service department so that if something does go wrong, any problems can be quickly resolved.


  • Ergonomic – The best chairs are designed with both you and the patient in mind. It is essential for your comfort and health that your dental chair allows you to work ergonomically and safely. Look out for chairs with features that are designed to:
  • give you easy access to your patient;
  • manoeuvre easily into the right position;
  • have foot control pedals to free up your hands; and
  • include a double-articulated headrest which allows you to adapt the chair to the height and body-shape of your patient.


It’s important that your chair enables your body to remain in a neutral position and maximises visibility into the oral cavity during treatment, especially if combined with a durable LED light. Suitability for all the dental team must also be considered, so if you have a mix of right- and left-handed clinicians who use that treatment room, make sure you consider an ambidextrous chair.


  • Comfortable – An adjustable, comfortable chair can also have a massive impact on your patients, particularly for longer treatments, like endo or implant work. A chair that maximises comfort with soft, seamless or luxury upholstery and adjusts to their shape so everything feels supported, makes the treatment experience much more palatable. A nervous patient will appreciate a smooth-moving chair, like one with hydraulic fully adjustable speed control, so that there are no unexpected jolts.


  • Hygienic – A chair that allows you to maximise hygiene is key in reducing the risk of cross-contamination across the practice. Foot control pedals allow you to keep your hands away from chair controls, which are more open to bacteria; automatic flushing systems help keep the treatment area clean and seamless upholstery will aid easy, thorough cleaning.


  • Aesthetics Once you’ve found the right combination of design and features to suit you, your teams and your patients’ needs, start having fun with the colour and aesthetics of the chair. Remember, you will be looking at your dental chair every working day for years to come, and it will be the first thing your patients see as they enter the room. Calming blue, restful green, warm mandarin… let your dental chair set the tone for your working day!


Find your Belmont chair and choose from a fantastic selection of colours to suit you and your practice here.









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