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8 top tips for colour in practice

Creating the right feel and atmosphere for your dental practice is all about colour. It’s your chance to stamp your identity on your space and throw the rulebook out of the window. Whether you are a traditionalist or daring to be different, you are working in your practice all day every day and maybe even for the next 20+ years, so why not make it a fun experience!


  1. There is no legislation anywhere that says that walls need to be white, or any other colour for that matter. Be daring. Check out that colour card.


  1. Colour choice is personal – there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ colour, even for a dental practice. Your colour choice should reflect your style, brand and preference.


  1. Unless you’re starting a practice from scratch it’s rare to begin with a blank canvas. Most of us have things we love and want to keep, such as key pieces of furniture -exactly like your much-loved Belmont chair – use it as a catalyst, an ideal way to start your colour inspiration.


  1. Consider the size, ceiling height, and crucially, the amount of natural light in the space you are decorating. A room that faces north will get less light and would be suited to warmer tones, whereas a south-facing room can take cooler colours that become less intense when the light floods in.


  1. Think about the shade of colour (how light or dark it is) or the tone (the blueness of blue or redness of red). Balance a main colour with a contrasting colour or shade.


  1. Try to select colours and finish of paints, fabrics, furniture coverings etc. under the same lighting conditions they’ll be used in and review them at different times of the day. They may look great in the morning light, but not so good late afternoon.


  1. Use your walls for much more than certificates or diagrams of stages of gum disease. Add statement prints or paintings of images far removed from dentistry. Spare a thought for those more anxious patients who don’t necessarily want to be reminded of where they are!


  1. And finally, select the colours that you enjoy. You probably spend almost as much time in your practice as you do at home. If you are comfortable in your working environment, the chances are almost certainly your team and your patients will be as well.
 umbrella color explosion



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