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Colour speaks without saying a word

Colour speaks without saying a word

Whilst your favourite Belmont chair or treatment centre is all about the optimum mechanics to deliver safe and comfortable dentistry for you and your patients, it’s the colour of the upholstery that attracts immediate attention, being the most visible and tactile element in the treatment process.


When it comes to fabric style and colour, colour is the single most important reason people choose a fabric, and it needs to be a colour you’re happy to work with for a long time. But what are the thoughts and emotions the most popular colours we choose for our dental chairs evoke in us?


Calming blue

Always a universal favourite, blue is the colour of sky, sea and water. Calming, clean and conservative, yet when combined with warm colours such as red, yellow and orange, blue can have a high impact. Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquillity and softness, whilst dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness.


Restful green

Green combines the optimism of yellow with the calming aspect of blue. Green is the colour of nature found all around us, a signal of new growth, healing and renewal, and is said to be the most restful colour for human eyes. With a strong emotional link to safety it’s also seen as forward-looking – think green for GO!


Sophisticated black

Black is powerful, controlling, strong, formal, and mysterious. Black is seen as sophisticated (think black tie or that little black dress) giving an aura of luxury and elegance. The power in black sets it off against other rich colours such as red, yellow, pink and orange, but too much of it can make us feel somewhat overwhelmed, or even afraid.


Distinguished grey

Detached, neutral, impartial and safe, grey is a colour neither black not white. Grey draws no attention to itself, but in turn allows other bright colours to sing out around it. Often associated with industrial environments, grey can be seen as useful rather than beautiful, but in its understated way conveys a serious message of ‘getting down to business’.


Mysterious purple

Combining the stability of blue with the strength and vibrancy of red, purple is a colour that is rarely found in nature, and as a result has given it an aura of mystery for centuries. Purple conjures up images of royalty, nobility, power and ambition as well as magic, mystery and creating feelings of spirituality.


Dare to be different

Colour is an essential tool in influencing how we think and behave, often without us even realising, yet we don’t all react to colours in the same way. Colour choice is a reflection of our personality and we don’t necessarily have to conform to the ‘norm’. Choosing something a little different as a colour for your dental chair, maybe salmon pink, chocolate brown, apricot, mandarin or lemon, evokes a different reaction in your patients to the everyday, and gets you and your practice noticed.


Find your ideal Belmont chair and choose from a fantastic selection of colours to suit you and your practice here.









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